Tailored to you

We tailor each shooting trip to suit the individuals or group and will include:

  1. Guide for duration of each shoot.
  2. One gun to four gun groups.
  3. Decoys, hides and calls provided.
  4. Transport for upto 4 gun groups.
  5. Bag limits on birds shot.
  6. Changeable weather conditions.

The birds are wild and numbers not guaranteed, however are guides will work hard make each shoot work.

trip checklist

The list below will ensure you are prepared for your trip:

  1. Plan your route to Shetland.
  2. Book ferry or flights.
  3. Book accommodation (or get us to book it).
  4. Take out insurance to Shoot (BASC or similar).
  5. Ensure guns are ready including travel arrangements for them.(or use guides)
  6. Arrange cartridges (either buy from Ewen Johnson - Shooting Supplies in Shetland or bring your own).
  7. Clothing - Camouflage jackets & trousers, must be waterproof and warm.
  8. Either a face mask/balaclava or at least a hat.
  9. Wellie boots are a must, and waders can be helpful.
  10. A head torch is also useful.


Gun dealer Ewen Johnson - Shooting Supplies has a wide range of equipment, cartridges and guns available to purchase at very good prices.

Take the hassle out of travelling with cartridges and buy them once in Shetland, Ewen has a wide variety of cartridges to suit your shoot, whether you need lighter cartridges for a days walked up snipe shooting or heavy loads for the geese you will find the perfect match. If you have never shot geese before Ewen or ourselves can advise you on the best loads.

Also available is calls, cleaning products, gun slips, torches and many other shooting essentials.