Morning FLights

Mainly targeting geese at first light as they come in to feed. Setup of decoys happens before first light and you will be  positioned behind cover, either in layout blinds, behind stone walls, in ditches or purpose built hides. Although the main quarry is geese (greylag and pinkfooted), morning flights for duck or a combination of the two can be arranged.

Evening Flights

Duck and geese are both possible on evening flights over ponds and small lochs, including wigeon, mallard, teal and greylag geese. Evening flights for just geese are mainly done on flight lines. In the evenings you will be positioned mostly behind stone walls or purpose built hides.

Other Shooting

There is also a variety of other activities available during your stay, if you would like to book any of the below please contact us for additional information.


Walked up

For the more active and fit shooters a walked up shoot offers some fabulous sport and a chance to see more of Shetland. Usually 3-4 hours spent walking the moorlands and marshes in shetlands hills for the chance to target the faster sporting game birds listed below

  • Snipe
  • Grouse
  • Woodcock
  • Duck


lamping rabbits

After dark rabbits venture out and can be shot using a spotlight from 4x4 or on foot, usually the prefered gun is a .22 rifle. This is a great way of getting some different shooting and keeps the farmers happy.


clay shooting

Shetland has an excellent clay pigeon range, the perfect place to practice some of those more challenging shots or just brush on the basics before a few days decoying. Also a great way to have a little competition between guns.


Shot birds & rabbits

Your game can be cleaned and prepared as follows if you require:

  • Breasted and packaged.

  • Oven ready (plucked & gutted).

  • Processed into burgers and sausages.

Just let us know on arrival if you would like this service and we will let you know the prices.

Any enquires or to book just click below