Our Mission

Shetland has been a field sporting destination since the Victorian era, with its great shooting and fishing opportunities still making it a desirable location to this day. Here at Shetland Shooting Experience we have spent years out in the field gaining the knowledge and experience to offer the chance of some unforgettable wildfowling.

Wildfowling can be extremely rewarding when your in the right place at the right time, that is why we only use local guides who have experience and knowledge of Shetland and its wildfowl. They know how the birds will behave in different weather conditions and situations, whether decoying geese over stubble or flighting ducks over ponds.

We cannot promise the wildfowl will always do what we expect or turn up, but our guides will work hard to give you the best possible chance shooting geese and ducks in Shetland.

Guide & Dog

A bit about your head guide and his gundog.

  • Has an Honours Degree in Sports Development and qualification in outdoor pursuits.
  • Over 10 years experience in shooting wildfowl, including geese, ducks, snipe, grouse, pheasants, pigeons and woodcock.
  • Holds his firearms license as well as shotgun license.
  • Lived in Shetland his entire life, thus has an in depth knowledge of the islands and its wildfowl.
  • Also a keen deer stalker on mainland Scotland (no deer in Shetland unfortunately).
  • Fox Red Labrador "Teala" is almost 3 years old now and has just finished her second full wildfowling season and performing well.